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SEP 2020JAN 2021MAY 2021AUG 2021DEC 2021APR 2022AUG 2022500K1M1.5M2M


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Member Spotlight

Michel Bauwens

P2P Foundation

"What we discovered is that it's slow going, there's no rapid revolution, it's just like keep on working, making mistakes and learning. This is the infrastructure of the future."

Trusted Seed Members

Griff Green

Giveth, Commons Stack & DAppNode

Dr. Michael Zargham

Block.Science Founder

Simon De La Rouviere

Inventor, Author & Artist

Angela Kreitenweis

Token Engineering Academy

Trent McConaghy

Ocean Protocol

Tamara Helenius

Commons Stack & Token Engineering Commons

Jeff Emmett

BlockScience & The Commons Stack

Luke Duncan



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Trusted Seed Association Board

The board is the brain in the complex organism of the Trusted Seed, it manages our legal and strategic direction. Current board members: Max Semenchuk, Jeff Emmett, Letty Prados, Kris Jones, Ivy Bagay.

Number of board members: 5

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Advancing the field of token engineering in a regenerative way.

Building foundational fintech infrastructure for ecological claims and data.

Building the Future of Giving using blockchain technology.