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About Us

We are a curated group of web3 and commons enthusiasts that hold non-transferable (Soulbound) $TRUST, representing their reputation and “skin-in-the-game” in our community.

We are a reputable network of trusted actors who can lend their wisdom and expertise to early-stage crypto communities. We started by supporting Commons Stack’s mission, creating microeconomics for public goods starting with the Hatch of the TEC, and have since been invited to support the launch of both Giveth and IXO.

Beyond just being a safe community to include in the launch of your Impact DAO, we also support our members in the case they have legal issues while acting in good faith within a qualifying DAO. Under the hood, Trusted Seed is a legal mutual aid group. If one of us has a legal issue, we will band together to support this member in their fight for their right to DAO. Our organization strives to ensure that experimentation in building a better world can be done with a safety net. We are that net.